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All Baz's songs were done with a PC, an SBlive soundcard, midi keyboard and PC software. All songs copyright BarrySimpson (except BAND)

Baz                (April 2003)

EIGHTIES is a tune I put together on CuBase after finding an excellent ( in my mind ) MIDI sound that took me right back to the 80's. I did this about three years ago but I still quite like it.

HAWKING is a jingle that I sent to a local radio station for a DJ called 'Robin Banks' who was at one point on VIRGIN radio. He played a couple of kind of RAP tunes that Steven Hawking did that went down really well with his listeners.

 You can make your own decision but remember it is in jest so don't be looking for deep and meaningful lyrics

 So, I tried to emulate them into a jingle for him. It went down quite well and was played a few times I believe before he 'moved on'...

Some friends of mine were interviewed on the TV.  I  recorded the interview, and put this song thingy together the same night. 
I have some regular jammin' sessions with my Bro' and some other friends. Just to fill in this box, here's an extract from some jammin' that was recorded when we were testing the mix. 

It features my friends and a little creativity from the Baz-meister. This sentence is irrelevant, but it spaces things out nicely.

This was the second time we played this, so all the mistakes come for FREE. (here's the excuses coming now)

Here's one of the latest tunes I did on my PC. This was about 2 years ago. I was starting to experiment with stereo effects and I had a better understanding of mixing. 

Had enough yet ? I don't blame you .

Flee now while you have the chance!

As usual, all the drums/vocals/guitars etc are by me... Sorry. 

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